An international conference jointly organized by the European Land-Use Institute (ELI), ICUB, the Doctoral School Simion Mehedinți (University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography), the international journal Socio-Ecological Practice Research (SEPR) and IALE Romania.

September 6-8, 2020, Bucharest, Romania

Conference in online-virtual environment
by using Cisco Webex platform (click here)

Aim and Scope

The joint ELI / ICUB / SEPR / IALE conference aims to provide a forum for interactions between young researchers, scientists and practitioners. The themes of the conference include the following topics:
  • European Landscape Convention – 20 years. Best practice examples: from scientists to practitioners
  • Novel technologies, instruments, modelling and knowledge implementation in Geo and Life Sciences
  • Global pressures / land-use change, landscape resilience
  • Landscape governance as a socio-ecological practice: historicistic and international perspectives
  • Ecological wisdom for sustainable landscape governance: exemplary cases from around the world
  • Ecopracticology: a new name for some old ways of thinking

Special Issue

The organizing committee discusses opportunities to publish conference papers in Landscape Ecology (Special Section), Journal Socio-Ecological Practice Research (SEPR) , Land, Geography.


Main Organizer:

The European Land-Use Institute (ELI) and the Institute of Research, University of Bucharest – Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences Division (ICUB)


  • International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE)
  • Landscape Ecology (journal)
  • The Socio-Ecological Practice Research (SEPR) journal
  • University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography, Doctoral School Simion Mehedinți
  • IALE Romania - International Association for Landscape Ecology, WG 3DLM
  • CeLTIS - Centre of Landscape-Territory-Information Systems, University of Bucharest
  • Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration
  • Alvmni, University of Bucharest

Organizational Committee:

Carmen Chifiriuc (University of Bucharest, ICUB)
Ileana Stupariu (University of Bucharest)
Christine Fürst (Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg)
Robert Scheller (North Carolina State University)
Wei-Ning Xiang (University of North Carolina at Charlotte)
Iuliana Armaș (University of Bucharest)
Alexandru Nedelea (University of Bucharest)
Mihai-Sorin Stupariu (University of Bucharest)

Scientific Committee

Joao Azevedo (Instituto Politécnico de Bragança)
Ian Bishop (Melbourne University)
Iovu Biris (University Of Agronomic Sciences And Veterinary Medicine Of Bucharest)
Brett Bryan (Melbourne University)
Emilio Diaz (Santiago de Compostella University)
John Forester (Cornell University)
Davide Geneletti (Trento University)
Luis Inostroza (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Cristian Iojă (University of Bucharest)
Zita Izakovikova (Slovakian Academy of Sciences)
Alexander Koroshev (Lomonosov University)
Daniele La Rosa (Catania University)
Kuei-Hsien Liao (Taipei University)
Ksenia Merekalova (Lomonosov University)
Mihai Niță (University of Bucharest)
Daniel Peptenatu (University of Bucharest)
Anton Shkaruba (Estonian University of Life Sciences)
Fritz Steiner (Pennsylvania University)
Piotr Tryjanowski (Poznan University of Life Sciences)
Jingle Wu (Arizona State University)
Liliana Zaharia (University of Bucharest)

IT&C Comittee

Radu Gramatovici – vice rector (University of Bucharest)
Anca Ileana -Director, IT&C Department, University of Bucharest
Mihai Sorin Stupariu, Associate Prof. Dr., University of Bucharest, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Rares Cristea, IT Support, IT&C Department, University of Bucharest
Diana Barbulescu, Secretary Division of Earth, Environmental and Life Sciences, ICUB
Adrian Florea, technician, IT&C Department, University of Bucharest
René Schulze, website developer (self-employed webdesigner)

Conference Secretariat

Athanasios Gavrilidis
Simona Grădinaru
Alina Huzui – Stoiculescu
Andreea Niţă